Jess Mori And Emma Fantazy From The Ukraine Get Naked

Starring Jess Mori & Emma Fantazy

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Jess Mori And Emma Fantazy From The Ukraine Get Naked – Jess Mori and Emma Fantazy are back from their vacation and ready to party.

These hot Ukrainian babes have done some fun work with us before in a lesbian fuckfest that we were able to get on camera.

We really had a great time with them and loved watching them get naked for us as we enjoyed an up close look at what these two do when they are off by themselves having fun.

These girls are so different but so nice and sweet and horny. We start off the day with these two in front of the camera in their casual jean shorts and t-shirts.

We get to see more of the lovely Jess and see all her sexy tats and Emma is such a ‘girl next door’ kind of babe. She is so pale and has such lovely skin and we get to see Jess enjoy every inch of sexy pussy and ass. Jess actually pulls off Emma’s panties, and bends down between her legs and starts to lick and suck on her pussy.

She spends so much time down there and that pussy of Emma’s is so wet and hot and lovely. IT makes everyone in the office get hard and start to jerk ourselves off right there. Imagine you see that and you not get hard and reach for your cock?

So after that Emma is all horny and Jess pulls off her panties for her and reaches down and starts to lick Jess like there is no tomorrow! What a great lesbian sex show and you get front row seats as it is all in VR.