Dessert After Dinner

Starring Allatra Hot

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Dessert After Dinner – They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – but Alltra Hot knows that the way to your cock is MUCH simpler.

A lovely dinner has your gorgeous brunette girlfriend in the mood to get a little frisky… okay, okay… VERY frisky!

She’ll drop to her knees eagerly to worship and adore your stick cock, and she’s ready to explore plenty of new uses for the kitchen counters, too!

Perfectly pale with deep eyes that we could lost in, the flawless skin of a doll without a single tattoo, and a pussy so tight she’ll have to give you a good and sloppy blowjob if you’re ever gonna’ fit in there. Get the ultimate dessert after a satisfying meal with Alltra Hot and SexBabesVR – and maybe find yourself a little EXTRA satisfaction!