Easter Bunny

Starring Whitney Wright

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    RealityLovers - Easter Bunny - Our subscribers always like something original, it’s a given that something new will tantalise and titillate, as such you might well expect something on topic in the Reality Lovers room.

    Let's go in and see. Aha, I’ve spotted a rabbit, perhaps one that runs on batteries. But this is an Easter special and we are meeting Whitney Wright, and as she tells us to camera she has the perfect Easter Bunny outfit, in a soft fluffy pink.

    Let’s check out the details, she’s got big ears, very Playboy, fishnet stockings to clad her lean slender legs, and even a fluffy little tail. On her feet, glossy pink high heels. Whitney gets up close for our VR Porn viewers, the basket of painted easter eggs moved to the side, and it seems our man is in the Easter mood too.

    Whitney Wright pulls down the guy's pants and it looks like the surprise is in there, he’s even wrapped up the package of his cock in coloured paper strips. Wasting no time at all, Whitney Wright slips her slender fingers around the guy's dick, he’s a big boy and that cock looks like fun to suck, let’s start off with a blowjob.

    Perhaps our bunny girl imagines it’s a carrot. Now, rabbits are famous for breeding, so let's see some more of nature's gifts. Bingo, Whitney has slipped her pussy out from her outfit and just look at that sensuous fanny, pink lips to match the pink rabbit outfit no less, that’s the magic of VR Porn.

    We have her with her legs wide open and her moist joy slot in your face, almost close enough to lick, but not quite. This bunny has quite a pair of tits don’t you think? We love those warm brown nipples, the skin tone matching her dark-haired sultry looks and our VR camera lets us look deeply into those fantastic brown eyes. We bet Whitney our Easter Bunny is up for a fuck.

    In slips our man's rather large penis, in it goes and just see the pleasure on Whitney’s face as they start pumping away. It seems it’s true about rabbits, they are fucking for all they have and looks like it’s time to flip position. Whitney backs up and wants a really good seeing to from behind, rabbit style.

    it’s fun to see the tits wobble up front. It’s also fantastic to see a nice little asshole and changing positions shows just how much rabbit stamina these eager Easter porn stars have. Let’s leave these two to enjoy themselves, have you been jerking one off to bunny?

    Go on, spring is in the air and everyone is horny everywhere. Apparently, we are told, no other porn star looks like it. No other porn star lasts like it. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.


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