Starring Megan FIore

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Rehearsing – You and your partner Megan Fiore are in a rehearsal for a new commercial.

You are saying your lines because even although it is an advertisement for a mouthwash you want to do it right. “They say out there that your kisses are unforgettable…”, she says.

And you say your lines and show your “secret” for that: the mouthwash. At that point, Megan stops and looks at you telling you that this is the time when you are supposed to kiss passionately.

As you can see in her face that she wants to do it too, you say: “And you are not going to do it?”. She smiles at you and starts to kiss you.

Little by little, the kiss becomes more passionate and you two begin to caress and touch each other.

Megan takes off your shirt and you drop her dress in order to see and touch her boobs. After that, you are going to give her a pussy licking and she will kneel to give you a blowjob.

Then, you fuck with her while she screams of pleasure: she will be on top of you, doing reverse cowgirl, you will fuck her from the back and face to face… everything until you masturbate and cum over her body.


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