Stepsis Saves The Party

Starring Claudia Garcia

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Stepsis Saves The Party – Claudia Garcia VR has always had a very close relationship with her stepbrother. Any time she needed anything, he was always there to protect or support her.

She had developed more than a little crush on him over the years and hates to see him upset. With your birthday coming up, she has a surprise celebration for you including balloons and your favorite kind of cake.

The day before the big day, she finds out that your girlfriend has broken up with you. Claudia needs to find some way to make your birthday even more special and she knows just the thing. Just before you come home, she puts on her skimpiest pair of shorts and top and greets you with cake in hand.

You are surprised and can’t stop staring at the other cake she has on display. She makes it clear, you can have anything you see as a birthday treat. It may be taboo, but your cock is throbbing from just looking at your stepsister naked. You want to take advantage of her offer, starting with her hungry mouth.

She is happy to wrap her lips around your shaft and pump up and down until she gags on your big hard pole. After getting a great blowjob, you turn her around to admire her big booty as you bury your cock in her tight pussy. It doesn’t take long for you to completely forget about your girlfriend.

She knows she can fuck better than that skinny bitch or any VR porn model and loves the way you grunt with pleasure as you thrust faster and faster. Claudia saves the best treat for last, getting on her knees and sucking you until you cover her face with your cream.

Your birthday has only just begun and she has already made it the best ever.


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